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Prebuilt Sites

Here will will find a selection of sites that have

been started, and are for sale. You can use these

to generate ideas and inspiration, or purchase them.

If you buy one then we just put the finishing touches

and customizations for your specific needs.

Click on the thumbnail image to visit the functioning site. Note that these sites are using free hosting

during this process and will have

some limitations and banner ads

T shirt store thumbnail.jpg
Clothing/Fashion Retail Store
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This is a prebuilt site for a clothing and retail store. Note the products are for demonstration only, and are not actually for sale... I hope,,, This site could be customized for other retail product beside clothing, including drop-shipping

Click Here to view

live venue thumbnail.PNG
Live events venue
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Fully customizable live

event venue page. Mobile optimized, and ready

to perform

Click Here to visit site

salon thumbnail2.PNG
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Need a site that allows customers to book online? We can build a site that shows off your talents, allows for online booking, and sets you apart form the rest. Mobile device ready to make it easy for busy customers.

Click here to visit

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